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Lotus Capital Eid-ul-Adha Ram promo is a new initiative from Lotus capital Limited to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha festival with you our esteemed clients in style and glamour while encouraging a savings habit and creating an opportunity to get a ram in a process that aligns with your faith. 

Invest a minimum of N20,000.00 in either of our Lotus Halal Investment fund or the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund to qualify.
Use the details below for payment after you have filled the requisite form for your investment:

Account Name: Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund
Account Number: 0005364304
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: First Trustees / Halal Investment Fund
Account Number: 0005364043
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

The promo begins from August 1, 2016 all through to September 6, 2016.
The Promo is open to all new and existing investors in Lotus Capital Halal Investment fund and the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund.
All investments for the purpose of this promo would have a minimum holding period of 6 months. Participants must be 18 years and above to qualify.

Lotus Capital Shari'ah Board has certified this exercise as Shari'ah compliant. Please note that all investment entries must be received latest 3pm on the 6th of September 2016. Investments received after this time will not qualify for the draw

A draw will be conducted on September 7th 2016 to pick winners and they will all be contacted through the phone numbers on their investment form. All winners will get their rams delivered to stated addresses as available in the filled form. Rams will be delivered between 8th and 11th September 2016.
Whether you win a ram or not, your investment remains intact in the Fund you invested in. This promo is not a lottery but another way to extend a hand of fellowship to our customers through a Ram gift. However, these customers will be randomly selected. Even if you are not among the selected, you will still have your investment.


In a lottery you pay for a ticket for the chance to win something. If you win, you get a prize, if not, you lose your money. As such, this is clearly not a lottery.

Kindly note, that uncertainty in trade is different from participating in a draw, to determine a winner in a contest. The prophet (SAW) is reported to have conducted a draw or cast a lot to determine who to take on journeys among his wives. In this promo, Lotus Capital Limited is giving gifts to 20 lucky investors and it will conduct a draw among all investors to determine who to give the gifts. This is similar to what the prophet did with his wives.

This Promo has been certified by our shari'ah board as halal. A promo is allowed on the conditions that:
1) No price is paid either directly or indirectly for a chance to win a prize in the promo
2) The prize is genuine and real
3) All participants are treated fairly and equally