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The fund managers of Nigeria International Debt Fund have scheduled an Extra ordinary General Meeting of its note holders to be held on the 28th day of April,2016 at Westwood Hotel, 22, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria at 11.00 a.m.

The meeting is to discuass the following Special Resolutions  

1. That the Deed of Amendment and Restatement of the Trust Deed dated 12 October,2009 between Afrinvest Asset Management Limited (Fund Manager to the Fund) and UBA Trustees Limited be modified as follows:

 a. Amending the definition of “New Investment Notes” in Clause 1 as follows:

“New Investment notes” means Notes of a par value of N100.00 (One Hundred Naira), subject to the approval of the Commission will be issued to existing Noteholders in substitution for their existing notes”.

b. Amending Clause 14.2 (Asset Allocation) as follows;
“The Fund’s total assets shall be invested as follows –

Bonds 60% – 90%
Money Market Instruments 0.5% – 40%
Cash Not more than 5%

For a detail of the meeting notice, click here