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FSDH Asset Management Limited, the Fund Managers of UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has notified the Nigerian Stock Exchange  that unit holders in the fund will receive dividend of N0.31 per share. Consequently, the register of unit holders and the transfer Books would be closed on April 7th through April 9th in order to ascertain the unit holders that qualify for the dividend. It will be recalled that the REIT had earlier paid an interim dividend of N0.56 per share which brings its 2014 dividend to N0.87

About the Fund:

The UPDC REIT is a Real Estate Investment Trust fund that  invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of quality residential and commercial real estate property in Nigeria. It is currently the largest REIT and second largest mutual fund by Asset in Nigeria. With a Net Asset Value of N30.5 billion, only dwarfed by IBTC Money market fund whose NAV is N32.4 billion, the UPDC REIT represents 16.8% of the total Net Asset Value (NAV) of Nigeria's mutual funds' total NAV. The fund has returned about 0.88% in 2015 YTD according to data released by the SEC for the week ending March 13th 2015. The fund is also a low volatility fund with one year standard deviation 4.56. It also has a negative correlation of -.39 versus the Allshare index.