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A lot of Nigerian mutaul funds are riding the webs in the month of March so far showing signs of profits, although the year to date numbers point to the opposite as they are yet to recover from the after shock of the oil price melt down.  Ironically, New Gold Etf that had performed so well in the last two months seems to be the least performing this month. This poor performance is coming as a result of the persistent strength in the dollar. However, granting that Gold is a good hedge against inflation and the fact that it is scarce and not easily/chaeply produced, it stands to reason that Gold will rebound and the Gold ETF will take the driver's site among Nigerian mutual funds again. Inspite of the losses made in the month so far, New Gold ETF is still the best YTD performer.

For now, we shall be reporting this on a weekly basis (every monday), but if anyone needs it more frequently or for a particular period or fund, please drop us an email at uuchey@yahoo.com and info@mutualfundsnigeria.com

Click on the links to see the funds ranked by month to date (MTD) and year to date (YTD) performance.

Fund Ranking by MTD Performance(1) and Fund Ranking by MTD Performance(2)

For comparative analysis with the Bench marks, the corresponding performance numbers for the indexes are included too

Fund Ranking by YTD Performance(1) and Fund Ranking by YTD Performance(2)